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As per subsection 4(2) of The Municipalities Act, the purposes of a municipality are:

                    a)   to provide good government;

                    b)   to provide services, facilities and other things that, in the opinion of council, are necessary and desirable for all or a part of the

                    c)   to develop and maintain a safe and viable community;

                    d)   to foster economic, social and environmental well-being;

                    e)   to provide wise stewardship of public assets.


As per section 92 of The Municipalities Act, the general duties of Councillors are:

                    a)   to represent the public and to consider the well-being and interests of the municipality; 

                    b)   to participate in developing and evaluating the policies, services and programs of the municipality;

                    c)   to participate in council meetings and council committee meetings and meetings of other bodies to which they are appointed by the council;

                    d)   to ensure that administrative practices and procedures are in place to implement the decisions of council;

                    e)   subject to the bylaws made pursuant to section 81.1, to keep in confidence matters discussed in private or to be discussed in private at a    council or                                 council committee meeting until discussed at a meeting held in public; 

                    f)   to maintain the financial integrity of the municipality;

                    g)   to perform any other duty or function imposed on councillors by this or any other Act or by the council.

As per section 119(1) of The Municipalities Act, an act or proceeding of council is not effective unless it is authorized or adopted by a bylaw or a resolution at a duly constituted public meeting of Council.

In addition to the general duties listed above, the Reeve is:

                    a)   to preside when in attendance at a council meeting unless this Act or another Act or a bylaw of council provides that another councillor is to preside;

                    b)   to perform any other duty imposed on a mayor or reeve by this or any other Act or by bylaw or resolution.

The reeve is a member of all council committees and all bodies established by Council, unless Council provides otherwise.